Ways to Determine Whether Water Damage Is New or Old

Did the water damage just occur? Or has it always been present? It is best to determine whether the water damage is old or new for you to be aware of how severe the damage might be and what you must do to prevent water intrusion. Here are some steps you could follow:

Step# 1: Know the materials

Water can affect various materials in various ways. Once brick, tile, or other tough materials have been disturbed by water damage, the damage is more likely old. It would take time to create leaks and wear on these kinds of materials. On the contrary, if the damage is present in your carpet, hardwood flooring, or drywall, it’s probably either old or new water damage. A little water could even affect these materials immediately.

Step# 2: Search for rings

Softer materials, such as wooden flooring and drywall, might grow “rings” once they have undergone water damage for a long time. The water penetrates and stains the material. Sure, it dries out. However, a stain will be left behind after it’s dried. Once this occurs some times, the impact is like many water damage rings, some small some large. Meaning, the water damage is old.

In addition, this water damage pattern indicates that water damage could be recurrent. It usually occurs, however, there are some dry spells in which could dry out the material. The water source is possibly a pipe that only functions sometimes, such as the shower’s supply pipe. Or, perhaps it is the outcome of a roof leak that only triggers water damage once the rain falls.

Step# 3: Trace the spot

Parts having new water damage tend to be wet but not soft. Once the drywall is soft while touching the water damage, the water already soaked in the material, which ruins its integrity. Meaning, the water damage is already old. Though, it’s essential to keep in mind that tough materials might not soften at all, such as tile.

Step#4: Examine mold

Mold development could start within 1-2 days of water damage. Once the water damaged spot has apparent mold, it could be implied that it’s been penetrated for at least 2 days. More extreme mold development might mean that the water damage is even over.

Step# 5: Ask for an expert’s assistance

If you are still uncertain how to determine the age of your water damage, perhaps it’s the fault of the previous homeowner for the distress or maybe you are just not sure about what to declare about its condition. If this happens, it is recommended for you to hire the experts when it comes to water restoration Tulsa. They can definitely help you with that matter and they can examine the severity and age of the water damage. Moreover, they could assist you to look for the source and restore the damage.

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