Getting Rid of Dead Bugs from Your Car

It can be extremely frustrating when bugs die on your vehicle’s surface, whether you own a camper, motorcycle, truck, or car. No matter what you’re driving, it’s important to remove these bugs without causing damage to the paint of your car.

The ideal way to safely get rid of bugs from your car is to do it while you’re washing your car. You will need a lot of lubrication and pressurized water to prevent scratches. It will be also easier if you protect your car ahead of time with a coating or wax.

Aside from hiring a professional car detailing London company, here are several tips you can follow:

Getting Rid of Old Bug Stains from Your Car

There are several occasions where you successfully removed the bug from your car but a stain remains. There are two reasons why this thing happens.

  • The bug etched into your car’s coat
  • The bug stained the paint

This usually happens if you leave the bug on the surface for a long period. Just like bird droppings, bugs are acidic. You have to get rid of them right away. You can remove them easily when they are fresh.

Luckily, you can still get rid of the old bug stain by polishing it either with a machine or by hand.

Getting Rid of Bugs from Windshield Glass

Compared to plastic or metal, glass is more difficult to scratch. Because of this, you can be a bit aggressive when removing dead bugs on your windshield. You can use a microfiber towel or wash mitt and scrub the surface. If scrubbing does not work because the bugs hardened, you may need to use a razor blade.

You shouldn’t worry. If you use it properly, it won’t scratch the glass. Simply keep the glass wet with glass cleaner, soap, and water and scrape lightly the blade across the bug.

You can also try to use a clay bar, sponges, or stronger chemicals. However, you should not waste your time if the bugs are extremely hard to remove. You should visit your nearest car detailing shop.

Getting Rid of Bugs from the Paint

There are occasions where a simple rinse won’t remove the stubborn bugs from your car’s paint. So, what should you do when this happens? Are there tools and products you need to use?

You should first use a pressure washer and see what the results are. It might be the only thing you have to do if the bugs were fresh and your car is well protected.

On the other hand, if they are more stubborn, you will need a more in-depth strategy.

There are a couple of common household items you can use to remove bugs from your car. This includes WD-40, dryer sheets, Magic Eraser, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. If you’re going with the rubbing alcohol or vinegar option, make sure you dilute the strength to 50:50.

When it comes to getting rid of dead bugs, you need to act fast. If you choose to ignore it, it will leave stubborn stains. If that happens, you’ll need to hire a professional car detailing company for help.